Changing Locations

In a little shake up of my online life I’m shifting all my writing over to and so this will be my last post on this site. In future I hope you’ll join me at:¬† On the way feel free to check out my new home on the web:¬† Cheers!   Advertisements Continue reading Changing Locations

What do you believe?

Why are we here? What happens to ‘you’ when you die? What happens to other people, not of your religion when they die? Why do you believe what you believe? I love these types of questions and I frequently have them bouncing around in my head. Occaisionally they even find there way out in the … Continue reading What do you believe?

Gotta Respect Fancy

Short music inspired thought today. I have great respect for people who have the ability to follow-thru on a course of action, even if I do not necissarily agree with that action. The ability to affect concious change in your life and in the world around you should be celebrated, regardless of the ‘rightness’ of … Continue reading Gotta Respect Fancy

Please, doubt your faith

I have often thought and written that my path to faith was one of doubt and return. People who have never doubted their faith strike me as either incredibily blessed or, more likely, lacking in intellect to actually consider such questions. I do not believe there is any value in believing in God simply because … Continue reading Please, doubt your faith

Man-to-man teaching?

Why is it that teachers are assigned to class groups and not individual students? Would it not be possible for teachers, at least at the primary school level, to work with groups of individual students rather than focus on specific years? Perhaps this would provide great continuity and personalisation of education. Or perhaps there is … Continue reading Man-to-man teaching?