Powerful smell

I’ve just learned something fascinating. An animals unique smell is the result of four factors; genetics, bacteria, diet and environment. Genetics you receive for your parents and they express themselves differently as you age, bacteria comes from fluids shared with other animals (i.e. snogging or nursing), diet leaves little smelly articles behind in your mouth … Continue reading Powerful smell

Little Lights

“Well finally!” she said, reaching up and giving him a desultory peck on the cheek. “What happened to ‘I’ll be down for sure by 8:30’, huh?” “Sweetie, I’m sorry you know how it goes always one more thing other things just seem to creep up at the last minute.”he said. “That’s fine. Yep, just fine … Continue reading Little Lights

A Little Philosphy

I have spent what free time I’ve had over the last year thinking carefully about my personal philosophy, with the goal being to develop an initial framework for what I want to accomplish in my life. This bout of philosophizing was inspired by the words of Clayton M. Christensen, all of who’s writings I recommend, … Continue reading A Little Philosphy

Hello world!

And welcome to my site. Here I’ll be sharing stories, business ideas, and other thoughts which for quite a while now I have had sitting about in my notebooks. Hopefully¬†some of them may interest or amuse you and if they do I would love to hear about it.. Words never shared may as well never … Continue reading Hello world!